Monday, August 30, 2010

Salvation In A Can

I saved me, you save you
It's not my problem, I did my best
Fate or design
Mistaken for a self-made man

Look at what I've done
Standing on the shoulders of others
I've learned not to see, I've no need to hear
To care why you are not me

We'll save you but he should pay
It wouldn't be fair any other way
Everyone's equal, everyone's free
So follow me and do what I say

To rhyme we with me
You need forward-facing clarity
Don't look down - they were in the way
The past tense and its debris.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Doubts can become self-fulfilling prophecies
Or reveal endless possibilities
I tried to run away but I followed me
Every aimless route had a destination
I arrived somewhere I didn't plan to be.

Until I embrace the manic with the mundane
And taste the stillness in the passing stream
Without drowning in the reckless or the profane
I cannot learn that I am already free.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Truth in an Alleyway

I saw her in an alley the other day
Her tattered coat and mud-strangled boots
She pulled me in with earth-piercing eyes but I looked away
Ashamed to engage that dangerous renegade.

Condemned because she would not sell herself
In a world where everyone and everything has a price and values rise and fall
Not flexible enough for the current fads of markets, genocide and self-gratification
Going forward she was of little utility.

But we could not do without her
So in her place a stream of recycled frauds tailored by avarice and self-deception
To affirm a billion kingdoms of guilt-free stone, glass and vacant reverie
No place for her and everything for me.